Monika adds unique value to businesses, when the entire business team is preoccupied with routine challenges, she really pushes hard to bring out the core issues troubling the growth of the organisation. Give a try full-heartedly, you shall be glad!! I did !! Karthik Muthu CEO - Tyre Empire Bangalore 

Karthik Muthu CEO - Tyre EmpireWorking currently as a Business Consultant Retainer for over a year

 Monika worked on a project for FirstHive. Her passion for Design Thinking was amazing. She led some highly interactive, engaging & Informative sessions for our teams. She managed to deliver her recommendations in very little time that we had expected her to do it in. We hope to work with her again in future. Wishing her the Best! 

Aditya, CEO / Founder / CEOAditya Bhamidipaty, Founder / CEO FirstHive

 I worked with Monika for a workshop in 'Design Thinking' for our development team @Beinex. She led some highly interactive, Informative sessions for our development teams, which we strongly think these sessions empower us for a better design of UI/UX in the software we build. We hope to work with her again in future. Wishing her the Best! 

Ranish, Director - Product Development, Beinex - India.Ranish Pullanat, Director - Product Development, Beinex - India

 Monika has the ability of multidisciplinary thinking and working in a highly interactive , engaging and Informative manner, we appreciate the way she managed to deliver an excellent solution in so little time, and demonstrated the application of Design Thinking and Innovative approaches to solve the Business Problems in a real and tangible way! I recommend Monika for such projects, wishing her All the Best ! 

Pranav- Team MemberTeam Member

 Monika, Thank you so much for your dedication to the project. Your attitude is always fantastic and I appreciate your attention to detail as we plow thru the analysis stage. Thank you for always going an extra mile. Es of Excellence ~ Execution THANK YOU so very much for everything you’ve done for us.  It’s been so wonderful to have your expertise and determination on the team.  I truly hope our paths cross in the future.   THANK YOU for everything, 

Irena OsovskyBusiness Process Consultant Business Client Targe t USA

 *Great Eye Opening Workshop !! The Session was Informative , Great Energy - Garima *Fun and insightful talk, Monika is very lively , gave a lot of real world examples *Very Informative Session , Presentation follow the story of validation *It was an eye opening talk, would love to work on it - Saurabh Good Insights on Design Thinking !! *Great Session, Touched upon the whole process, want a next deep dive session !! Attendees- Garima, Saurabh, Satish Srikaran, Deepak V, Chetna Gavali, Roxanna Saldhana, Shridhar, Mayank 

Wework India HQ Prestige Central

 Monika - This is great to see one of our Business Analysts start to make such an impact on the client community.  Keep up the good work! 

Melissa PintGroup Mgr TTS Targe t India

 Great work Monika. We are already seeing a lot of process improvements in requirements phase. 

Vijay RatthinamProject Manager Targe t India

 Great job Monika – keep up the good work! 

Satish CSr. Group Manager T arget India

 Very engaging Session , got insights of how to differentiate a Problem & symptoms, data is fundamental not just for solution but defining problem statement itself , Thanks - Aditya Mathur It was a very helpful session, where we got to know how to deal with a problem and how to find the root cause, Thank You.... Veena Good Session in so less time, Clear explanation, understandable, Interactive Session, Helpful session that changed the way of thinking, Thanks a lot .... Megha Good Information, Concise - Asim Verma Thank you ... This was like thinking on Design.... Its really helpful to solve anything, thank you for letting me know - Sowmya Attendees - Aditya Mathur, Rohith MS , Veena Nirmala, Megha R, Sowmya N, Asim Verma, Manoj Reddy, Karun 

Session on Design Thinking & Problem SolvingProfessionals

 Session was enjoyable, had fun, The best thing about the session was - The concept itself , Brainstorm on the Real Problem, Real Problem Solving experience Would like to attend the extended version Would like to have a dedicated training for the company Attendees - Shivani N , Himanshu, Sienam Lulla, Brajendra Pandey, Ketan Jeagal, 

Design WorkshopEntrepreneurs / Professionals

 Learnt about principles of Design Thinking, Understood more about Sales !! Session was Fun and Enjoyable !! Would like to attend extended version !! Attendees - Faheem Saleem Ryan Locke , Rudresh Jayaraman- Mind Body Energy 

Design for SalesStartup & Professionals